Walden university nurs6501 quiz 7.


Walden University NURS6501 Quiz 7.


NURS-6501N-42,Advanced Pathophysiology.2017 Winter Qtr 11/27-02/18-PT27


Quiz – Week 7


1/9/18 10:06 PM


1/9/18 10:23 PM

Due Date

1/15/18 1:59 AM



Attempt Score

35 out of 35 points  

Time Elapsed

17 minutes out of 45 minutes


Please answer each question below and click Submit when you have completed the Quiz.

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·         Question 1

1 out of 1 points

A newborn is diagnosed with congenital intrinsic factor deficiency. Which of the following types of anemia will the nurse see documented on the chart?

·         Question 2

1 out of 1 points

A 10-year-old male is diagnosed with leukemia. The nurse assesses for which other condition that could be associated with his disease?

·         Question 3

1 out of 1 points

A newborn baby is diagnosed with a blood disorder in which her platelet count is low. Which of the following does the nurse suspect could be the reason?

·         Question 4

1 out of 1 points

A group of cells isolated in the laboratory have membrane-bound granules in their cytoplasm and they show phagocytic activity. Which of the following cells is most similar?

·         Question 5

1 out of 1 points

A 52-year-old male IV drug user was diagnosed with hepatitis C 5 years ago. He is now experiencing impaired blood clotting. The nurse suspects a decrease in which of the following vitamins?

·         Question 6

1 out of 1 points

A 40-year-old male vegetarian is diagnosed with folate deficiency anemia. He reports that he is an alcoholic. Which of the following factors put him at greatest risk for developing his disease?

·         Question 7

1 out of 1 points

Thrombocytopenia may be:

·         Question 8

1 out of 1 points

A hematologist is discussing hematopoiesis. Which information should be included? ________ participate in hematopoiesis.

·         Question 9

1 out of 1 points

A 10-year-old male is diagnosed with sickle cell anemia. When the parents ask who is responsible for this disease, what is the nurse’s best response? He most likely inherited it from:

·         Question 10

1 out of 1 points

In disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC), the nurse assesses for active bleeding after intravascular clotting because:

·         Question 11

1 out of 1 points

After initial compensation, what hemodynamic change should the nurse monitor for in a patient who has a reduction in the number of circulating erythrocytes?

·         Question 12

1 out of 1 points

A 21-year-old female was recently diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia. In addition to fatigue and weakness, which of the following clinical signs and symptoms would she most likely exhibit?

·         Question 13

1 out of 1 points

A 5-year-old male was diagnosed with normocytic-normochromic anemia. Which of the following anemias does the nurse suspect the patient has?

·         Question 14

1 out of 1 points

For a patient experiencing hypersplenism, the nurse expects the erythrocytes to be:

·         Question 15

1 out of 1 points

A 15-year-old male is diagnosed with infectious mononucleosis. When the patient asks how he got this disease, how should the nurse respond? The most likely cause is:

·         Question 16

1 out of 1 points

While reviewing lab results, the nurse recalls the most abundant cells in the blood are:

·         Question 17

1 out of 1 points

A 62-year-old female tells her health care provider she has been experiencing regular night sweats that cause her to wake up drenched. She also remarks that she has been unintentionally losing weight. Physical exam reveals enlarged lymph nodes on her neck that do not appear to be painful. She should be screened for which of the following cancers?

·         Question 18

1 out of 1 points

How should the nurse prepare a patient who is to receive a Schilling test for pernicious anemia?

·         Question 19

1 out of 1 points

Which of the following individuals should the nurse assess first for a vitamin B12 deficiency anemia?

·         Question 20

1 out of 1 points

A 67-year-old female has chronic gastrointestinal bleeding. A nurse recalls the primary cause of her anemia is:

·         Question 21

1 out of 1 points

A 35-year-old male with hyperthyroidism begins treatment to decrease thyroid activity. A nurse monitors for which of the following conditions that could result secondary to the treatment?

·         Question 22

1 out of 1 points

A nurse is teaching the staff about platelets. Which information should the nurse include? In addition to playing a role in hemostasis, platelets have the ability to:

·         Question 23

1 out of 1 points

A 34-year-old male presents in the emergency room with extreme fatigue and shortness of breath. His skin and sclera appear to have a yellowish discoloration. These assessment findings are consistent with which type of anemia?

·         Question 24

1 out of 1 points

A 45-year-old female undergoes a splenectomy to remove a tumor. Which of the following assessment finding is most likely to occur following surgery?

·         Question 25

1 out of 1 points

A 20-year-old female undergoes lab testing for anemia. Results show high iron, bilirubin, and transferrin and low hemoglobin and hematocrit. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis to be documented on the chart?

·         Question 26

1 out of 1 points

The people from which country have the lowest risk for Hodgkin lymphoma?

·         Question 27

1 out of 1 points

A nurse checks individuals with liver disease for clotting problems because:

·         Question 28

1 out of 1 points

A nurse is caring for a patient who cannot clot. Which end product of the clotting cascade is this patient unable to make?

·         Question 29

1 out of 1 points

The nurse will check which of the following tests to directly measure iron stores?

·         Question 30

1 out of 1 points

A 60-year-old female emphysema patient experiences a rapid and pounding heart, dizziness, and fatigue with exertion. Which of the following respiratory assessment findings indicate the respiratory system is compensating for the increased oxygen demand?

·         Question 31

1 out of 1 points

A staff member wants to know where the greatest proportion of iron is located. How should the nurse respond? The greatest proportion of total body iron is located in the:

·         Question 32

1 out of 1 points

A 5-year-old female is diagnosed with acute leukemia. The nurse will most likely treat this patient with:

·         Question 33

1 out of 1 points

A 58-year-old female presents in the clinic presenting with fatigue, weight loss, and tingling in her fingers. Laboratory findings show low hemoglobin and hematocrit, a high mean corpuscular volume, and normal plasma iron. These assessment findings are consistent with which type of anemia?

·         Question 34

1 out of 1 points

A 50-year-old female is diagnosed with primary thrombocythemia. A nurse would expect the blood smear to reveal _____ platelets.

·         Question 35

1 out of 1 points

A 45-year-old male is diagnosed with macrocytic, normochromic anemia. The nurse suspects the most likely cause of this condition is:

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